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LTR Publications

Published on 12 July 2018
All roads lead to MRN regulation at telomeres: different paths to one solution.
Roisné-Hamelin F & Marcand S
Rad51 filaments assembled in the absence of the complex formed by the Rad51 paralogs Rad55 and Rad57 are outcompeted by translesion DNA polymerases on UV-induced ssDNA gaps
Maloisel L., Ma E., Phipps J., Deshayes A., Mattarocci S., Marcand S., Dubrana K., Coïc E.
Breakage in breakage-fusion-bridge cycle: an 80-year-old mystery.
Guérin TM , Marcand S
A new assay capturing chromosome fusions shows a protection trade-off at telomeres and NHEJ vulnerability to low-density ionizing radiation
Sabrina Pobiega, Olivier Alibert, Stéphane Marcand 
Mechanism of MRX inhibition by Rif2 at telomeres
Florian Roisné-Hamelin, Sabrina Pobiega, Kévin Jézéquel, Simona Miron, Jordane Dépagne, Xavier Veaute, Didier Busso, Marie-Hélène Le Du, Isabelle Callebaut, Jean-Baptiste Charbonnier, Philippe Cuniasse, Sophie Zinn-Justin & Stéphane Marcand
Condensin-Mediated Chromosome Folding and Internal Telomeres Drive Dicentric Severing by Cytokinesis
Guérin TM, Béneut C, Barinova N, López V, Lazar-Stefanita L, Deshayes A, Thierry A, Koszul R, Dubrana K, Marcand S.
Discovery and Evolution of New Domains in Yeast Heterochromatin Factor Sir4 and its Partner Esc1
Faure G, Jezequel K, Roisne-Hamelin F, Bitard-Feildel T, Lamiable A, Marcand S, Callebaut I.
Cytokinesis breaks dicentric chromosomes preferentially at pericentromeric regions and telomere fusions
Lopez V, Barinova N, Onishi M, Pobiega S, Pringle JR, Dubrana K, Marcand S
How do telomeres and NHEJ coexist?
Marcand S
End-joining inhibition at telomeres requires the translocase and polySUMO-dependent ubiquitin ligase Uls1
Lescasse R, Pobiega S, Callebaut I, Marcand S
Dicentric breakage at telomere fusions
Pobiega S, Marcand S
Multiple pathways inhibit NHEJ at telomeres
Marcand S, Pardo B, Gratias A, Cahun S, Callebaut I