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 Germinal Stem Cells​ - LGSC

Published on 3 May 2023

Spermatogenesis develops from a limited number of cells, the germline stem cells (GSCs). Infertility following chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy treatments in pediatric or adult cancer patients illustrates the sensitivity of GSCs to genotoxic agents. Genetic or epigenetic lesions can also be generated in exposed GSCs, which are then potentially transmissible to descendants. GSCs are also of interest for the development of future cell-based therapies to treat these infertilities.

Using mouse models, we are studying the mechanisms that regulate the fate of the GSC pool, including interactions with the testicular niche, which are involved in the maintenance or loss of tissue homeostasis after genotoxic stress such as irradiation. We are also developing a research project on the characterization of human GSCs (prepubertal and adult) in collaboration with the Histology-Embryology-Reproductive Biology-CECOS Service of the Cochin Hospital (Paris). A better understanding of the molecular pathways regulating the physiology and functional activity of GSCs should contribute to a better assessment of the genotoxic risk during accidental or medical exposure, to minimize the side effects on fertility of the therapeutic protocols used, and to study the potential of human GSCs in cell therapy of infertility.


    Pierre FOUCHET
    Principal investigator
    Phone : +33 (0)1 46 54 80 41


    Aurélie GOURET
    Phone : +33 (0)1 46 54 98 66

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