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Genoscope - National Center of Sequencing

Director: Patrick Wincker

After having been one of the players in the human genome project, Genocope is currently turning toward environmental genomics. The exploitation of sequence data, extended by the experimental identification of biological functions, particularly in the fields of biocatalysis, affords new prospects for industrial biotechnological development. With a rationale of sustainable development, Genoscope is investigating for biological solutions in synthetic chemistry in order to render that chemistry les polluting, less energy consuming and less fossilized carbon based. 

Published on 1 October 2020


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The complete plastome of Centaurium erythraea subsp. majus (Hoffmanns. & Link) M.Lainz (Gentianaceae), the first chloroplast genome belonging to the Centaurium genus
Discovery and Enzymatic Screening of Genome-Mined Microbial Levanases to Produce Second-Generation beta-(2,6)-Fructooligosaccharides: Catalytic Properties
Impacts of microplastics and the associated plastisphere on physiological, biochemical, genetic expression and gut microbiota of the filter-feeder amphioxus
A paralog of Pcc1 is the fifth core subunit of the KEOPS tRNA-modifying complex in Archaea
Differential global distribution of marine picocyanobacteria gene clusters reveals distinct niche-related adaptive strategies
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