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The Université Paris Cité is recruiting a Professor in Reproductive Biology/Physiology.
The Professor will teach in the Animal Physiology department, and will give lectures and tutorials in L3, M1 and M2* in reproductive physiology, repro-toxicology and gonadal differentiation. He/she may supervise UFR SDV trainees from L2 to M2.
The Professor recruited will join one of the UFR des Sciences du Vivant laboratories involved in reproductive biology and physiology. One of the possible host laboratories is the Development of the Gonads Laboratory (Head : Gabriel Livera) attached to the Institute of Cellular and Molecular Radiobiology.

The project aims to characterize the gonadal response to environmental exposures, and in particular the roles of cellular dialogue, metabolism and oxidative stress. The identification of major causal mechanisms in fertility impairment will enable us to propose strategies to prevent or correct them. Broad, unbiased methods will be used to identify the response of different gonadal cell types at transcriptomic and epigenetic levels. A functional validation strategy based on mouse models and in vitro systems will be developed to determine the deregulations that impact gonadal function and take into account the specificities of the human system.

GALAXIE reference: 491Click on the link to access the job description.



The Université Paris Cité is recruiting a lecturer in animal physiology (reproduction/development) and cell biology.

The new lecturer will reinforce the teaching teams in Animal Physiology and Cell Biology, and will be involved in initial training in Life Sciences by teaching (lectures, tutorials and practical work) and taking part in student assessment (continuous assessment, supervision, correction).

The lecturer in Animal Physiology and Cell Biology will work in the Development of the Gonads Laboratory (Head : Gabriel Livera) attached to the  Institute of Cellular and Molecular Radiobiology.

The main theme will be the control of mitosis/meiosis transition in mammals. To achieve this, the candidate will be able to draw on an original model for the derivation of human pluripotent cells (iPS) into primordial germ cells (PGC-LC) and on the exploration of murine transgenic models. 

GALAXIE reference: 494 - Click on the link to access the job description.


The iRCM, a department within the Institut de Biologie François Jacob, provides an excellent scientific environment with a staff of around 150 and 15 laboratories affiliated to CEA, Inserm, Universités Paris Cité and Paris-Saclay, and platforms for light microscopy, the use of animals for scientific purposes (including a technical platform for immunodeficient mice), cytogenetics, cytometry and cell sorting, irradiation, genetic engineering and protein biochemistry.

The iRCM is located in the CEA's Fontenay aux Roses research center, 10 km from the center of Paris, with easy access by public transport.​


Click on the link to access the Université Paris Cité recruitment page.
Application opening date: 02/02/2024
Closing date for applications: 06/03/2024 at 4:00 pm

Starting date : 01/09/2024

Published on 16 February 2024