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National Center of Human Genomics Research

Director : Jean-François Deleuze
Courriel :  isabelle.laudier

The CNRGH is the French national research center which enables a response to scientific questions necessitating high throughput sequencing and genotyping thanks to the development and deployment of innovative integrated technologies. The organization of the CNRGH enables optimization of genetic and genomic research on human diseases by creating indispensable links between cohort constitution (DNA samples), identification of the responsible genes, and study of the transcriptome and epigenome.​​​​

Published on 16 December 2021


The MEDical GENomics excellence laboratory, GENMED, has the objective of promoting the development of research projects on human diseases which are competitive at national and international level. 


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Crosstalk between microRNA expression and DNA methylation drives the hormone-dependent phenotype of breast cancer
CD4(+) T-cell DNA methylation changes during pregnancy significantly correlate with disease-associated methylation changes in autoimmune diseases
Fine Scale Population Structure in France and its Implications on Whole-Genome Association Tests
Human Heredity 85 (2), 73-73, 2021
Region-specific expression of young small-scale duplications in the human central nervous system
Papua New Guinean genomes reveal the complex settlement of north Sahul
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