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Publications 2001-2007

Published on 12 October 2017
​Mismatch tolerant priming by DNA polymerase Pol4 in the course of non-homologous end-joining in vivo.
Pardo B., Ma E. and S. Marcand.
Genetics 172:2689-2694.​ 2006​
Rap1 prevents telomere fusions by non-homologous end-joining.
Pardo B and S. Marcand
The EMBO Journal 24:3117-3127. 2005​​
Transient stability of DNA ends allows non-homologous end-joining to precede homologous recombination.
Frank-Vaillant M and S. Marcand.
Molecular Cell 10:1189-1199. 2002​
NHEJ regulation by mating type is exercised through a novel protein, Lif2p, essential to the Ligase IV pathway.
Frank-Vaillant M and S. Marcand.