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DossierGenomics and biochemistry of metabolism

Génomique et Biochimie du Métabolisme

Millions of proteins identified in genome and metagenome sequencing projects have been included in the databases. The accumulation of data has enabled an enhanced understanding of the living world. Nonetheless, the increase in the number of sequences induces a decrease in the number of proteins associated, with reliability, with a function. Applied to the study of metabolism, the increase in proteins with no validated function calls into question the real completeness of the knowledge of the chemical reactions occurring in the living world.

All the research themes developed in the Laboratory are dedicated to furthering knowledge of bacterial metabolism, in particular by: 

- studying genes of unknown function belonging to synteny groups
- functional annotation of a family of proteins of unknown functions
- characterization of orphan metabolites and their biosynthesis routes
- study of fermentation of cellulose biomass

In addition, the Laboratory is responsible for the analytical chemistry component of the chlordecone project.

Projects to which the Laboratory is contributing: 

Published on 7 December 2018