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Laboratory of Systems & Synthetic Biology (LISSB)

Head of Laboratory : Valérie Pézo (DR CEA)

This laboratory brings together the teams of the Institute of Synthetic and Systems Biology (iSSB), which was integrated in 2017 into our UMR as a new laboratory named Laboratory of Synthetic and Systems Biology. 

One of the historical objectives of this laboratory is the diversification of living organisms by synthetic biology approaches through the engineering of synthetic biochemical circuits (collaboration with the Bio-RetroSynth team, MICALIS) and through xenobiology (Xenome team) for the creation of new biological entities for industrial biotechnology purposes in particular. 

These approaches to increase the capacities of microorganisms are also accompanied by fundamental studies on the links between genome architecture, DNA replication and central carbon metabolism (ASG team). LiSSB now includes a fourth team since 2019 that focuses on neurogenesis via systems biology approaches (SysFate team).


Published on 27 April 2023