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DossierApplications - Metabolic engineering

The Applications Laboratory constructs and/or selects microorganisms endowed with new metabolic capabilities for application objectives using the techniques of metabolic engineering and in vivo evolution:

  • Enhancement of the biocatalysts of interest for synthetic organic chemistry.
  • Acclimatization of non-natural compounds as essential metabolites and modification of the chemical repertory of the microorganisms for confined artificial biodiversity.
  • Implementation and enhancement of metabolic pathways for use of 1-carbon carbon resources (formate, CO2).

In general, the implementation of the projects exploits the principle of genetic selection.

Projects ongoing

  • Selection and enhancement of natural formatotrophic microorganisms. Volker Döring, Laurence Cattolico
  • Implementation of formatotrophy in Escherichia coli. Madeleine Bouzon, Volker Döring
  • Deviations of the chemical composition of molecules carrying genetic information. Madeleine Bouzon, Volker Döring
  • Evolution of enzymatic catalysts by in vivo directed evolution:  iron-dependent a-ketoglutarate dioxygenases. Tiffany Souterre, doctoral student


Principal achievements


Published on 21 December 2021