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Biologie moléculaire et production virale

This platform offers methodologies, equipment and expertise of more than 20 years for the selection and engineering of nucleic acid aptamers (DNA, RNA or nuclease resistant chemistry).

Published on 29 September 2021

The platform is open to services or collaborations with industry or academic laboratories and can identify aptamers against any type of target (small molecules, peptides, proteins, cells...). By ensuring the protection of the studies (patents, confidentiality agreement, MTA, etc.), we work with our partners in order to be as close as possible to their needs. Special care is given to the selection protocols to ensure that the aptamers best meet their end use (imaging probe, diagnostic, therapeutic, biomarker identification, compound purification ...).

​​Robot for the selection and characterization of aptamers

Automated binding of aptamers on whole living cells


Recently, we developed a software suite (PATTERNITY.seq©) to improve aptamer selection by high-throughput sequencing. The PATTERNITY.seq© suite can analyze millions of sequences to identify better aptamers in a faster way. This analysis can be carried out within the framework of services or collaborations. 


  • Semi-automated aptamer selection
  • Aptamer engineering (size reduction, chemical modifications, fluorescent and radioactive labeling)
  • Characterization of affinity (Kd, Kon, Koff, Cmax) and cell internalization.
  • High-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics analysis service through PATTERNITY.seq©.

In vivo biodistribution and biological effect of aptamers can then be carried out mainly by the imaging platform (optical imaging and PET). 


  • Semi-automated platform for the selection of aptamers.
  • Molecular biology equipment for the production and purification of aptamers (PCR, electrophoresis and electro-elution systems).
  • Biosafety level 2 and 3 culture rooms (incubators, PSM, flow cytometer)
  • Room dedicated to the manipulation of radioelements and affinity measurement (robot, LigandTracer).