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Light Microscopy


Published on 30 August 2019

​​​Light microscopy platform of the Institute of Cellular and Molecular Radiobiology (IRCM) provides researchers of the Fontenay-Aux-Roses research center, the necessary equipment and expertise in light microscopy for any scientific project in life sciences using the techniques of cell imaging. The staff provides assistance and training in light microscopy, acquisitio​n and image processing.​​

​Lamya IRBAH
Phone : +33 (0)1 46 54 89 73


  • Users benefit from practical training in the use of microscopes.
  • Assistance by dedicated employees are insured for acquisitions made in case of problems.
  • A consulting activity is proposed for the optimization of experiments and data analysis.
  • Data backup on a dedicated server provides a high level of confidentiality of the results.​

Technical Offer

  • Dynamic Studies on living
    • Spatiotemporal imaging up to 4 colors (5D) of the subcellular scale tissue.
    • Molecular diffusion speed measurement (FRAP techniques, photoactivation and photoconversion).
    • Kinetic Study of repair proteins following micro-damage to DNA.
    • Fluorescence lifetime measurement time for interaction study by FRET and enzyme activity by using biosensor​

  • Studies of samples set
    • Immunolabeling of multiple cells or tissues.
    • Image acquisition and reconstruction mosaic virtual slide.
    • Collocation measure.
    • 3D reconstruction.​

Inverted confocal microscope Nikon video-A1

Equipped with a temperature chamber with controlled intake of O2 and CO2 for studies on living specimens. Motorized stage x, y, z. Objectives 10X, 20X, 40X and 60X equipped for DIC. Lasers 405nm, 457-477-488-514nm, 561nm, 638nm. Tandem scanner galvano / resonant (30 frames / sec).

​NIS-elements Software.

Nikon A1.png

Inverted confocal microscope Leica SP8-FLIM​

Objectives 20X, 40X and 63X equipped for DIC. Motorized stage x, y, z. 405nm lasers, pulsed laser white (choice of wavelength between 470 and 670nm). FLIM module for measuring fluorescence lifetime. Hybrid detector sensitivity.
LAS AF Software.

  • Leica SP8.png

Acces - Reservations

All new users must make themselves known to the engineers of the platform to have the best guidance and advice.

Allowing access to booking schedule is determined by monitoring a mandatory training.​​