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Published on 19 December 2022
The aim of the Institute for Research in Cellular and Molecular Radiobiology (iRCM) is to study the effect of ionizing radiations and their possible effects on the human health.  This institute have available an irradiation platform opened to labs which study the effect of ionizing radiations. This platform is open also to outside labs, which need to irradiate their organic or non-organic samples.

The platform is open to external laboratories as part of services or research collaborations.
Véronique MENARD

Principal Investigator
Phone: +33(0)1 46 54 99 29


Aurélie GOURET
Phone : +33 (0)1 46 54 98 66

 Technical Offer, Expertise and Commitment technique​

Technical Offer

  • Gamma irradiation with a self-shielded Cesium irradiator GRS D1® from GSM company located at Fontenay-Aux-Roses
  • X-ray cabinet called SARRP (Small Animals Radiation Research Platform) from XSTRAHL company located at Fontenay-Aux-Roses
  • XRAY cabinet located at Evry
  • A secure and controlled environment (biosafety level 1 to 3).
  • Irradiation of whole organisms, in situ organ, tissue or cell cultures.


  • Quality approach to manage the platform (safety control, dosimetrist daily and monthly check).
  • Physicist staff dedicated platform, project tracking (board).
  • Monitoring of the working of the platform.

  • Authorization of veterinary services of the prefecture.
  • Confidentiality of results.


Located at Fontenay-Aux-Roses

  • Our GSR D1® is a self-shielded irradiator with four sources of  137Césium. The total activity was around 180 TBq in March 2014 with a dose rate maximal of 14 Gy per min and minimal of 0.67 Gy per min. GSR D1® is used to irradiate organic or non-organic materials.
  • Another GSR D1® contains three sources of 137Cesim and could offer different low dose outputs.


inside GSR D1®

  • SARRP® (Small Animals Radiation Research Platform) from XSTRAHL Company. It is an X-ray generator combined CBCT in order to mimic the human radiotherapy and perform targeted irradiation on a mouse. Bioluminescence is available to use with SARRP in order to match BLI image and CBCT image to irradiate tumor less or no visible on CBCT. SARRP can be used to irradiation cells but a specifically dosimetry has to be performed prior.


Variable aperture is available to shape the beam as the form and the size of the tumor

Located at Evry

    1. An X-ray cabinet from PXI company with a maximal voltage of 350 kV. The dosimetry is performed in order to provide 100 mGy/min, 1Gy/min, 3Gy/min and 7 Gy/min for cells.

X-ray Multirad 350 cabinet from PXI

 Results and Intellectual Property

In case the results would lead to a patent protection, condominiums results will be determined by the involvement of each partner and the terms of the previously established contract.

User's duties to the facility:

  • Fill out the information sheet prior to irradiation (on request).
  • Establishment of a contract or a service provision agreement.
  • Signing and returning a previous estimate each benefit