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Neurosurgery and general surgery

This platform can be used to develop relevant animal models for diseases, particularly those involving the administration of viral vectors according to experimental procedures (anesthesia, recovery etc.) validated in nonhuman primates and rodents (rats, mice). Also to test new treatments based on the injection of viral vectors or cell grafts.
Published on 28 September 2021
Neurochirurgie et chirurgie générale

​Neurosurgery (stereotactic surgery)

The platform is equipped with two neurosurgery rooms (brain and spinal cord surgery), one of biosafety level 2 and the other of biosafety level 3. These rooms are equipped with everything required for sophisticated experimental neurosurgery: stereotactic frames, a neuronavigation system, surgical microscopes, injection pumps, gaseous anesthesia systems and monitoring systems.

General surgery

Two equipped general surgery rooms with interventional imaging systems are specialized for visceral and cardiovascular surgery. These cells are also used for classical surgery (implantation of catheters or telemetric measurement devices, sampling) and veterinary interventions. They can hold an entire surgical team, together with the specific equipment required for the projects run by external teams selected by the CRC MIRCen. The work of these nonresident teams must conform to ethical rules and good practice. Veterinary and surgical logistic support is provided by the staff of the platform.

Neurosurgery room