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Immunology and Infectiology Laboratory (L2i)

Laboratoire Immunologie et Infectiologie (L2i)

Led: Nathalie Bosquet​

Published on 4 September 2018

​The laboratory/technology platform "Immunology and Infectiology" (L2i) has a long experience both in the immuno-monitoring of the molecular responses of the immune system, and in the study/evolution of viremia in the context of medicines, therapeutic trials or vaccines.

These know-how allow:

  • to better understand the mechanisms of immune response of hosts to vaccines, drugs and therapeutics,
  • to monitor the titers and locations of infectious pathogens (viral reservoirs and pharmacological sanctuaries),

    Quantification of the Zika virus © CEA/ IDMIT

  • to assess the immunogenicity of new therapeutic strategies (peptides, proteins) and vaccines,
  • to progress in evaluating the efficacy and safety of vaccines and innovative treatments in experimental models of infection

Anamnestic response of PNH vaccinated against influenza © CEA/ IDMIT