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Biobank ​ (LB)

Published on 4 May 2022

Team leader​ : Anne Boland-Augé
E-mail​: boland​

The Bank Laboratory manages all the biological specimens studied at the CNRGH with the principal missions of ensuring receipt, storage, quality control and preparation of specimens for the various CNRGH platforms while managing the information relating to the specimens and ensuring traceability. The Laboratory's capacity enables it to process large specimen collections. Currently, all types of specimen taken together, over 400,000 specimens are stored at the CNRGH.

About 90% of the specimens are DNA samples received in the context of several hundred projects. Currently, 6 experienced highly-skilled technicians work at the Bank Laboratory and ensure the Laboratory's various tasks. All of the tasks are managed using a lab information management system (LIMS). In early 2014, work was undertaken in order to equip the Bank Laboratory with 2 new L2 laboratories devoted to extraction operations on the one hand and cell culture operations on the other hand. In addition, a room dedicated to the processing of RNA samples was created during the work in order to ensure management of those specimens under optimum conditions. The Bank Laboratory is also committed to a quality assurance system with the medium- to long-term objective of obtaining accreditation as per standard NFS 96 900 regulating biological resources centers.​​