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Other Publications

Published on 12 October 2017

Norepi​nephrine reuptake inhibition promotes progenitor mobilization: potential impact to rescue low stem cell yields.
Lucas, D, Bruns, I, Mendez-Ferrer, S,  Magnon, C, Kunizaki, Y, Frenette, PS.

Canstatin gene electrotransfer combined with radiotherapy: preclinical trials for cancer treatment.
Magnon C, Opolon P, Connault E , Mir LM, Perricaudet M., Martel-Renoir D
​Gene Ther. 15:1436-1445. 2008
Radiation and angiogenesis inhibition by Canstatin synergize to induce HIF-1a-mediated tumor apoptotic switch.
Magnon C*, Opolon P, Ricard M, Connault E, Ardouin P, Galaup A, Bidart JM, Germain S, Perricaudet M and Schlumberger M.
J. Clin. Invest. 117:1844-1855. 2007​
A gene transfer comparative study of HSA-conjugated antiangiogenic factors in a transgenic mouse model of metastatic ocular cancer.
Frau, E, Magnon, C, Bouquet, C, Opolon, P, Connault, E, Opolon, D, Abitbol, M., Perricaudet, M.
Cancer Gene Ther. 14: 251-261. 2007
Dynamic assessment of anti-angiogenic therapy to monitor both tumoral vascularization and tissue degeneration.
Magnon C*, Galaup A, Rouffiac V, Opolon P, Connault E, Perricaudet,M, Roche A, Lassau N and Griscelli F,
​Gene Ther. 14 : 108-117. 2007​​
Canstatin acts on endothelial and tumor cells via mitochondrial damage initiated through interaction with avb3 and avb5 integrins.
Magnon C*, Galaup A, Rouffiac V, Bidart JM, Griscelli F, Opolon P and Perricaudet M.
​Cancer Res. 65: 4353-4361. 2005​
Full kringles of plasminogen (aa 1-566) mediates complete regression of breast tumors in mice.
Galaup A, Magnon C, Rouffiac V, Opolon,P, Opolon D, Lassau N, Tursz T, Perricaudet M and Griscelli F
​Gene Ther. 12: 831-842. 2005
Expression of the apical iodide transporter in human thyroid tissues: a comparaison study with other iodide transporters.
Lacroix L, Pourcher T, Magnon C, Bellon N, Talbot M, Intaraphairot T, Caillou B, Schlumberger M, Bidart JM.
​J. Clin. Endocr. Metab. 89: 1423-1428. 2004
​Transposition of the thyroid iodide uptake and organification system in non-thyroid tumor cells by adenoviral vectors-mediated gene transfers.
Boland A, Magnon C, Filetti S, Bidart JM, Schlumberger M, Yeh P, Perricaudet M.
Thy​roid. 12: 12-26. 2002
​* Corresponding author

Books /Chapters in books
Autonomic nerves in cancer: a missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. 
Magnon C. 
​Magnon C, Lucas, D, Frenette PS. 
​Magnon C, Frenette PS.