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Published on 2 July 2018
ComFC mediates transport and handling of single-stranded DNA during natural transformation
Prashant P Damke, Louisa Celma, Sumedha M Kondekar, Anne Marie Di Guilmi, Stéphanie Marsin, Jordane Dépagne, Xavier Veaute, Pierre Legrand, Hélène Walbott, Julien Vercruyssen, Raphaël Guérois, Sophie Quevillon-Cheruel, J Pablo Radicella
Sir3 heterochromatin protein promotes non-homologous end joining by direct inhibition of?Sae2
Hélène Bordelet, Rafaël Costa, Clémentine Brocas, Jordane Dépagne, Xavier Veaute, Didier Busso, Amandine Batté, Raphaël Guérois, Stéphane Marcand, Karine Dubrana
Radiation Enhancer Effect of Platinum Nanoparticles in Breast Cancer Cell Lines: In Vitro and In Silico Analyses.
Hullo M, Grall R, Perrot Y, Mathé C, Ménard V, Yang X, Lacombe S, Porcel E, Villagrasa C, Chevillard S, Bourneuf E.
Phospho-Ku70 induced by DNA damage interacts with RNA Pol II and promotes the formation of phospho-53BP1 foci to ensure optimal cNHEJ.
Schellenbauer A., Guilly MN., Grall R., Le Bars R.,Paget V., Kortulewski T., Sutcu H., Mathé C., Hullo M., Biard D., Leteurtre F., Barroca V., Corre Y., Irbah L., Rass E., Thèze B., Bertrand P., Demmers J.A.A, Guirouih-Barbat J., Lopez B., Chevillard S., Delic J.
Lamin B1 sequesters 53BP1 to control its recruitment to DNA damage.
Etourneaud L., Moussa A., Rass E., Genet D., Willaume S., Chabance-Okumura C., Wanschoor P., Picotto J., Thézé B., Dépagne J., Veaute X., Dizet E., Busso D., Barascu A., Irbah L., Kortulewski T., Campalans A., Le Chalony C., Zinn-Justin S., Scully R., Pennarun G., Bertrand P.
Increase in Lamin B1 promotes telomere instability by disrupting the shelterin complex in human cell
G. Pennarun, J. Picotto,  L. Etourneaud, A-R Redavid, A. Certain, L.R Gauthier, P. Fontanilla-Ramirez, D. Busso, C. Chabance-Okumura,B. Theze, F. Boussin, P. Bertrand
A link between replicative stress, lamin proteins and inflammation
Simon Willaume, Emilie Rass, Paula Fontanilla-Ramirez, Angela Moussa, Paul Wanschoor, Pascale Bertrand
Sir3 heterochromatin protein promotes non-homologous end joining by direct inhibition of Sae2
Bordelet H, Costa R, Brocas C, Dépagne J, Veaute X, Busso D, Batté A, Guérois R, Marcand S, Dubrana K
Hydroxyurea does not affect the spermatogonial pool in prepubertal patients with sickle cell disease
Gille, A. S., C. Pondarré, J. H. Dalle, F. Bernaudin, C. Chalas, M. Fahd, C. Jean, H. Lezeau, L. Riou, V. Drouineaud, A. Paye-Jaouen, A. Kamdem, B. Neven, C. Arnaud, S. Azarnoush, K. Yakouben, S. Sarnacki, M. de Montalembert, E. M. Comperat, G. Lenaour, M. Sibony, N. Dhédin, D. Vaiman, J. P. Wolf, C. Patrat, P. Fouchet, C. Poirot, and V. Barraud-Lange.
Mouse Models for Deciphering the Impact of Homologous Recombination on Tumorigenesis.
Matos-Rodrigues G, Martini E, Lopez BS.Cancers (Basel).
Dynamic extrinsic pacing of the HOX clock in human axial progenitors controls motor neuron subtype specification.
Mouilleau V, Vaslin C, Robert R, Gribaudo S, Nicolas N, Jarrige M, Terray A, Lesueur L, Mathis MW, Croft G, Daynac M, Rouiller-Fabre V, Wichterle H, Ribes V, Martinat C, Nedelec S.
Cognitive effects of low dose of ionizing radiation - Lessons learned and research gaps from epidemiological and biological studies.
Pasqual E, Boussin F, Bazyka D, Nordenskjold A, Yamada M, Ozasa K, Pazzaglia S, Roy L, Thierry-Chef I, de Vathaire F, Benotmane MA, Cardis E.
Abnormal migration behavior linked to Rac1 signaling contributes to primordial germ cell exhaustion in Fanconi anemia pathway-deficient Fancg-/- embryos.
Jarysta, A., L. Riou, V. Firlej, C. Lapoujade, T. Kortulewski, V. Barroca, A. S. Gille, F. Dumont, S. Jacques, F. Letourneur, F. Rosselli, I. Allemand, and P. Fouchet.
Homologous recombination, cancer and the 'RAD51 paradox'.
Matos-Rodrigues G, Guirouilh-Barbat J, Martini E, Lopez BS.
A new assay capturing chromosome fusions shows a protection trade-off at telomeres and NHEJ vulnerability to low-density ionizing radiation
Sabrina Pobiega, Olivier Alibert, Stéphane Marcand 
Molecular basis of the dual role of the Mlh1-Mlh3 endonuclease in MMR and in meiotic crossover formation.
Dai J, Sanchez A, Adam C, Ranjha L, Reginato G, Chervy P, Tellier-Lebegue C, Andreani J, Guérois R, Ropars V, Le Du MH, Maloisel L, Martini E, Legrand P, Thureau A, Cejka P, Borde V, Charbonnier JB.
Two populations of self-maintaining monocyte-independent macrophages exist in adult epididymis and testis.
Wang M, Yang Y, Cansever D, Wang Y, Kantores C, Messiaen S, Moison D, Livera G, Chakarov S, Weinberger T, Stremmel C, Fijak M, Klein B, Pleuger C, Lian Z, Ma W, Liu Q, Klee K, Händler K, Ulas T, Schlitzer A, Schultze JL, Becher B, Greter M, Liu Z, Ginhoux F, Epelman S, Schulz C, Meinhardt A, Bhushan S.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.
Noninvasive Assessment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders after In Utero Irradiation in Mice: An In Vivo Anatomical and Diffusion MRI Study.
Mouton L, Etienne O, Feat-Vetel J, Barrière DA, Pérès EA, Boumezbeur F, Boussin FD, Le Bihan D.
Mouse model of radiation-induced premature ovarian insufficiency reveals compromised oocyte quality: implications for fertility preservation.
Puy V, Barroca V, Messiaen S, Ménard V, Torres C, Devanand C, Moison D, Lewandowski D, Guerquin MJ, Martini E, Frydman N, Livera G.
ComF is a key mediator in single-stranded DNA transport and handling during natural transformation
Prashant P. Damke, Louisa Celma, Sumedha Kondekar, Anne Marie Di Guilmi, Stéphanie Marsin, Jordane Dépagne, Xavier Veaute, Pierre Legrand, Hélène Walbott, Julien Vercruyssen, Raphaël Guérois, Sophie Quevillon-Cheruel, J. Pablo Radicella
The Adrenergic Nerve Network in Cancer
Magnon C.
Mouse model of radiation-induced premature ovarian insufficiency reveals compromised oocyte quality: implications for fertility preservation.
Puy V, Barroca V, Messiaen S, Ménard V, Torres C, Devanand C, Moison D, Lewandowski D, Guerquin MJ, Martini E, Frydman N, Livera G
Rad52 Oligomeric N-Terminal Domain Stabilizes Rad51 Nucleoprotein Filaments and Contributes to Their Protection against Srs2
Ma, E., Maloisel, L., Le Falher, L., Guérois, R., Coïc, E
The homologous recombination complex of the Rad51 paralogs Rad55-Rad57 avoids translesion DNA polymerase recruitment and counterbalances mutagenesis induced by UV radiation
Maloisel, L., Ma, E., Coïc, E. 
The meiosis-specific MEIOB–SPATA22 complex cooperates with RPA to form a compacted mixed MEIOB/SPATA22/RPA/ssDNA complex
Jonathan Ribeiro, Pauline Dupaigne, Cynthia Petrillo, Cécile Ducrot, Clotilde Duquenne, Xavier Veaute, Carole Saintomé, Didier Busso, Raphaël Guerois, Emmanuelle Martini, Gabriel Livera
Mechanism of MRX inhibition by Rif2 at telomeres
Florian Roisné-Hamelin, Sabrina Pobiega, Kévin Jézéquel, Simona Miron, Jordane Dépagne, Xavier Veaute, Didier Busso, Marie-Hélène Le Du, Isabelle Callebaut, Jean-Baptiste Charbonnier, Philippe Cuniasse, Sophie Zinn-Justin & Stéphane Marcand
Tumor resistance to radiotherapy is triggered by an ATM/TAK1-dependent-increased expression of the cellular prion protein
Jacqueline Bernardino-Sgherri, Capucine Siberchicot, Frédéric Auvré, Didier Busso, Clémentine Brocas, Ghazi El Masri, Anna Lioutsko, Federica Ferri, J Pablo Radicella, Paul-Henri Romeo, Anne Bravard
Experimental and Preclinical Tools to Explore the Main Neurological Impacts of Brain Irradiation: Current Insights and Perspectives
Mouton L, Ribeiro R, Mouthon MA, Boumezbeur F, Le Bihan D, Ricard D, Boussin F, Verrelle P
Hypoxia favors chemoresistance in T-ALL through a HIF1-mediated mTORC1 inhibition loop
L Fahy, J Calvo, S Chabi, L Renou, C Le Maout, S Poglio, T Leblanc, A Petit, A Baruchel, P Ballerini, I Naguibneva, R Haddad, ML Arcangeli, F Mazurier, F Pflumio* and B Uzan
A Role for the Mre11-Rad50-Xrs2 Complex in Gene Expression and Chromosome Organization
Forey R., Barthe A., Tittel-Elmer M., Wery M, Barrault M. B., Ducrot C., Seeber A, Krietenstein N., Szachnowski U., Skryzpczak M., Rowicka M., Ginalski K., Cobb J., Rando O., Soutourina J., Dubrana  K., Gasser S., Morillon A., Pasero P., Lengronne A. and Poli J
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