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Publié le 2 juillet 2018


Chelation therapy with 3,4,3-Li(1,2-HOPO) after pulmonary exposure to plutonium in rats.
Grémy O, Devilliers K, Miccoli L
Take a Swipe at Actinide Bioavailability: Application of a New In Vitro Method.
Griffiths NM, Moureau A, Coudert S, Huet F, Defrance M, Van der Meeren A
A Simple, Rapid, Comparative Evaluation of Multiple Products for Decontamination of Actinide-contaminated Rat Skin Ex Vivo.
Griffiths NM, Devilliers K, Laroche P, Van der Meeren A
Determination of drug efficacy to dissolve cobalt oxide particles in cellular models: Towards a therapeutic approach to decrease pulmonary retention.
Van der Meeren A, Devilliers K, Coudert S, Moureau A, Defrance M, Berthomieu C, Malard V
Excretion of Pu-238 during Long-term Chelation Therapy by Repeated DTPA Inhalation.
Grémy O, Blanchin N, Miccoli L
MXD4/MAD4 Regulates Human Keratinocyte Precursor Fate.
Coutier J, Auvré F, Lemaître G, Lataillade JJ, Deleuze JF, Roméo PH, Martin MT, Fortunel NO
Use of an Acellular Assay to Study Interactions between Actinides and Biological or Synthetic Ligands.
Van der Meeren A, Berthomieu C, Moureau A, Defrance M, Griffiths NM
Cellulose, proteins, starch and simple carbohydrates molecules control the hydrogen exchange capacity of bio-indicators and foodstuffs.
Nivesse AL, Baglan N, Montavon G, Granger G , Péron O
Comparison of Local and Systemic DTPA Treatment Efficacy According to Actinide Physicochemical Properties Following Lung or Wound Contamination in the Rat.
Griffiths NM, Van der Meeren A, Grémy O
DTPA Treatment of Wound Contamination in Rats with Americium: Evaluation of Urinary Profiles Using STATBIODIS Shows Importance of Prompt Administration.
Lamart S, Van der Meeren A, Coudert S, Baglan N, Griffiths NM
DTPA-Coated Liposomes as a New Delivery Vehicle for Plutonium Decorporation.
Grémy O, Mougin-Degraef M, Devilliers K, Berdal M, Laroche P, Miccoli L
Evidence for a differential translocation of actinides across human lung epithelial cell monolayer in vitro according to their physicochemical properties and the presence of a chelating agent.
Van der Meeren A, Drouet G, Devilliers K, Laurent D, Moureau A, Feray A, Lamart S
In vitro evidence of the influence of complexation of Pu and Am on uptake by human lung epithelial cells Calu-3.
Drouet G, Devilliers K, Van der Meeren A
Interpretation of Enhanced Fecal and Urinary Plutonium Excretion Data under a 2-y Regular DTPA Treatment Started Months after Intake.
Grémy O, Blanchin N, Miccoli L.
New insights into the accessibility of native cellulose to environmental contaminants toward tritium behavior prediction.
Nivesse AL, Baglan N, Montavon G, Péron O
Non-intrusive and reliable speciation of organically bound tritium in environmental matrices.
Nivesse AL, Baglan N, Montavon G, Granger G, Péron O
In vitro assessment of cobalt oxide particle dissolution in simulated lung fluids for identification of new decorporating agents.
Van Der Meeren A, Lemaire D, Coudert S, Drouet G, Benameur M, Gouzerh C, Hee CY, Brunquet P, Trochaud B, Floriani M, Gateau C, Lebrun C, Delangle P, Berthomieu C, Malard V
Research on the Radiotoxicology of Plutonium Using Animals: Consideration of the 3Rs-Replace, Reduce, Refine
Griffiths NM, Van der Meeren A, Angulo JF, Vincent-Naulleau S
Chelation Treatment by Early Inhalation of Liquid Aerosol DTPA for Removing Plutonium after Rat Lung Contamination.
Miccoli L, Ménétrier F, Laroche P, Grémy O
Comments on Improved Modeling of Plutonium-DTPA Decorporation
Gremy O, Miccoli L
Fetuin exhibits a strong affinity for plutonium and may facilitate its accumulation in the skeleton.
Vidaud C, Miccoli L, Brulfert F, Aupiais J
A quick and simple in vitro assay to predict bioavailability of actinides following accidental exposure
Van der Meeren A, Angulo JF, Bohand S, Griffiths NM
Americium biodistribution in rats after wound contamination with different physicochemical forms in the presence or absence of plutonium: analyses using STATBIODIS
Lamart S, Van der Meeren A, Grémy O, Miccoli L, Coudert S, Dubois S, Bibard S, Serond AP, Angulo JF, Griffiths NM
Comments on actinide radiotoxicology research and the 3Rs remit – Replace, Reduce and Refine
Griffiths N M., Van der Meeren A., Angulo JF
BIO Web of Conferences 14 HEIR 2018, 2019, 1-2
Exploiting the Rat Actinide Repository at the Laboratory of Radio Toxicology, CEA, France
Griffiths NM., Stéphanie L, Humbert A-C, Van der Meeren A
BIO Web of Conferences 14 HEIR 2018, 2019, 1-2
From in vivo to in vitro models to assess bioavailability properties of Plutonium compounds
Grémy O., Griffiths NM., Miccoli L., and Van der Meeren A
BIO Web of Conferences 14 HEIR 2018, 2019, 1-2
Influence of the physico-chemical form on americium biodistribution after wound contamination: re-analysis of experimental data using STATBIODIS
Lamart S., Van der Meeren A., Dubois S., Bibard S., Serond AP., Angulo JF., and Griffiths NM
BIO Web of Conferences 14 HEIR 2018, 2019, 1-2
Medical countermeasures against radionuclide contamination: An overview
Grémy O
BIO Web of Conferences 14 HEIR 2018, 2019, 1-2
Method for detecting and characterizing actinide-bearing micro-particles in soils and sediment of the Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
Jaegler H, Pointurier F, Onda Y, Angulo J.F., Griffiths NM, Moureau A, Faure A-L, Marie O, Hubert A., Evrard· O
Repondre aux risques NRBC. Prise en charge thérapeutique suite à une contamination radiologique
Van der Meeren A et Legallic C.
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