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Publié le 25 novembre 2021

DOT1L regulates chromatin reorganization and gene expression during sperm differentiation.
Blanco M, El Khattabi L, Gobé C, Crespo M, Coulée M, de la Iglesia A, Ialy-Radio C, Lapoujade C, Givelet M, Delessard M, Seller-Corona I, Yamaguchi K, Vernet N, Van Leeuwen F, Lermine A, Okada Y, Daveau R, Oliva R, Fouchet P, Ziyyat A, Pflieger D, Cocquet J.
Loss of CD24 promotes radiation? and chemo?resistance by inducing stemness properties associated with a hybrid E/M state in breast cancer cells
Bontemps, I., Lallemand, C., Biard, D., Déchamps, N., Kortulewski, T., Bourneuf, E., Siberchicot, C., Boussin, F., Chevillard, S., Campalans, A., Lebeau, J.
DNMT3A-dependent DNA methylation is required for spermatogonial stem cells to commit to spermatogenesis.
Dura M, Teissandier A, Armand M, Barau J, Lapoujade C, Fouchet P, Bonneville L, Schulz M, Weber M, Baudrin LG, Lameiras S, Bourc'his D
The netrin-1 receptor UNC5C contributes to the homeostasis of undifferentiated spermatogonia in adult mice.
Barroca V, Racine C, Pays L, Fouchet P, Coureuil M, Allemand I
Transcriptional profiling of ?-2M-SP?-6+THY1+ spermatogonial stem cells in human spermatogenesis.
Givelet M, Firlej V, Lassalle B, Gille AS, Lapoujade C, Holtzman I, Jarysta A, Haghighirad F, Dumont F, Jacques S, Letourneur F, Pflumio F, Allemand I, Patrat C, Thiounn N, Wolf JP, Riou L, Barraud-Lange V, Fouchet P
Abnormal migration behavior linked to Rac1 signaling contributes to primordial germ cell exhaustion in Fanconi anemia pathway-deficient Fancg-/- embryos.
Jarysta, A., L. Riou, V. Firlej, C. Lapoujade, T. Kortulewski, V. Barroca, A. S. Gille, F. Dumont, S. Jacques, F. Letourneur, F. Rosselli, I. Allemand, and P. Fouchet.
Hydroxyurea does not affect the spermatogonial pool in prepubertal patients with sickle cell disease
Gille, A. S., C. Pondarré, J. H. Dalle, F. Bernaudin, C. Chalas, M. Fahd, C. Jean, H. Lezeau, L. Riou, V. Drouineaud, A. Paye-Jaouen, A. Kamdem, B. Neven, C. Arnaud, S. Azarnoush, K. Yakouben, S. Sarnacki, M. de Montalembert, E. M. Comperat, G. Lenaour, M. Sibony, N. Dhédin, D. Vaiman, J. P. Wolf, C. Patrat, P. Fouchet, C. Poirot, and V. Barraud-Lange.
Competition for Food Drives Stem Cell Fate in Facultative Niches
Givelet, M., C. Lapoujade, and P. Fouchet.
Contribution of Single-Cell Transcriptomics to the Characterization of Human Spermatogonial Stem Cells: Toward an Application in Male Fertility Regenerative Medicine
Gille, A. S., C. Lapoujade, J. P. Wolf, P. Fouchet, and V. Barraud-Lange.
EZHIP constrains Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 activity in germ cells
Ragazzini, R., R. Pérez-Palacios, I. H. Baymaz, S. Diop, K. Ancelin, D. Zielinski, A. Michaud, M. Givelet, M. Borsos, S. Aflaki, P. Legoix, P. W. T. C. Jansen, N. Servant, M. E. Torres-Padilla, D. Bourc’his, P. Fouchet, M. Vermeulen, and R. Margueron.
Revealing cellular and molecular transitions in neonatal germ cell differentiation using single cell RNA sequencing.
Liao J, Ng SH, Luk AC, Suen HC, Qian Y, Lee AWT, Tu J, Fung JCL, Tang NLS, Feng B, Chan WY, Fouchet P, Hobbs RM, Lee TL
Consequences of irradiation on adult spermatogenesis: Between infertility and hereditary risk.
Marjault HB, Allemand I
Loss of the histone chaperone ASF1B reduces female reproductive capacity in mice
Messiaen, S., J. Guiard, C. Aigueperse, I. Fliniaux, S. Tourpin, V. Barroca, I. Allemand, P. Fouchet, G. Livera, and M. Vernet.
Genome Editing and Dialogic Responsibility: “What’s in a Name?”
Blasimme, A., I. Anegon, J. P. Concordet, J. De Vos, A. Dubart-Kupperschmitt, M. Fellous, P. Fouchet, N. Frydman, C. Giovannangeli, P. Jouannet, J. L. Serre, J. Steffann, E. Rial-Sebbag, M. Thomsen, and A. Cambon-Thomsen.
Defective endomitosis during megakaryopoiesis leads to thrombocytopenia in Fanca-/- mice
Pawlikowska, P., P. Fouchet, W. Vainchenker, F. Rosselli, and V. Naim. 2014. . Blood
Fanca deficiency reduces A/T transitions in somatic hypermutation and alters class switch recombination junctions in mouse B cells
Nguyen TV, Riou L, Aoufouchi S, Rosselli F.
Spermatogonial Stem Cell Quest  nanos2, Marker of a Subpopulation of Undifferentiated A Spermatogonia in Trout Testis
Bellaiche J, Lareyre JJ, Cauty C, Yano A, Allemand I, Le Gac F
Cell therapy against male infertility
Fouchet P
Impaired functionality and homing of Fancg-deficient hematopoietic stem cells
Barroca V, Mouthon M A, Lewandowski D, de la Grange P B, Gauthier L R, Pflumio F, Boussin F D, Arwert F, Riou L, Allemand I, Romeo P H, Fouchet P
TGFbeta signaling in male germ cells regulates gonocyte quiescence and fertility in mice
Moreno, S. G., M. Attali, I. Allemand, S. Messiaen, P. Fouchet, H. Coffigny, P. H. Romeo, and R. Habert. 2010. . Dev Biol 342: 74-84.
In vivo cellular imaging pinpoints the role of reactive oxygen species in the early steps of adult hematopoietic reconstitution
Lewandowski D, Barroca V, Duconge F, Bayer J, Van Nhieu J T, Pestourie C, Fouchet P, Tavitian B, Romeo P H
Early Expression of the Androgen Receptor in the Sertoli Cells of a Marsupial Coincides with Downregulation of Anti-Mullerian Hormone at the Time of Urogenital Virilization
Racine C, Pask A J, Wijayanti G E, Di Clemente N, Picard J Y, Shaw G, Renfree M B, Josso N
Lamin A/C, Caspase-6, and Chromatin Configuration During Meiosis Resumption in the Mouse Oocyte
Arnault E, Doussau M, Pesty A, Lefevre B, Courtot A M
Whole-body or isolated ovary Co-60 irradiation  Effects on in vivo and in vitro folliculogenesis and oocyte maturation
Pesty A, Doussau M, Lahaye J B, Lefevre B
Puma and Trail/Dr5 pathways control radiation-induced apoptosis in distinct populations of testicular progenitors.
Coureuil M, Ugolin N, Tavernier M, Chevillard S, Barroca V, Fouchet P, Allemand I.
 [Transplanted progenitors can generate germinal stem cells]
Barroca, V., B. Lassalle, I. Allemand, L. Riou, and P. Fouchet.
 Similarities and differences in the in vivo response of mouse neonatal gonocytes and spermatogonia to genotoxic stress
Forand, A., P. Fouchet, J. B. Lahaye, A. Chicheportiche, R. Habert, and J. Bernardino-Sgherri.
Origin of the complex karyotype of the polyploid parthenogenetic grasshopper Saga pedo (Orthoptera  Tettigoniidae)
Dutrillaux A M, Lemonnier-Darcemont M, Darcemont C, Krpac V, Fouchet P, Dutrillaux B
Transplanted progenitors can generate germinal stem cells
Barroca V, Lassalle B, Allemand I, Riou L, Fouchet P
Mouse differentiating spermatogonia can generate germinal stem cells in vivo
Barroca V, Lassalle B, Coureuil M, Louis JP, Le Page F, Testart J, Allemand I, Riou L, Fouchet P
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