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Publié le 19 octobre 2017


A new phosphorylated form of Ku70 identified in resistant leukemic cells confers fast but unfaithful DNA repair in cancer cell lines.
Bouley J, Saad L, Grall R, Schellenbauer A, Biard D, Paget V, Morel-Altmeyer S, Guipaud O, Chambon C, Salles B, Maloum K, Merle-Béral H, Chevillard S, Delic J.
Oncotarget 47362 (6), 27980-8000, 2015
Cdk5 promotes DNA replication stress checkpoint activation through RPA-32 phosphorylation, and impacts on metastasis free survival in breast cancer patients.
Chiker S, Pennaneach V, Loew D, Dingli F, Biard D, Cordelières FP, Gemble S, Vacher S, Bieche I, Hall J, Fernet M.
Cell Cycle Oct 2 (14), 3066-78, 2015
Disruption of phactr-1 pathway triggers pro-inflammatory and pro-atherogenic factors: New insights in atherosclerosis development.
Jarray R, Pavoni S, Borriello L, Allain B, Lopez N, Bianco S, Liu WQ, Biard D, Demange L, Hermine O, Garbay C, Raynaud F, Lepelletier Y.
Biochimie Nov (118), 151-61, 2015
Forced extinction of CD24 stem-like breast cancer marker alone promotes radiation resistance through the control of oxidative stress.
Bensimon J, Biard D, Paget V, Goislard M, Morel-Altmeyer S, Konge J, Chevillard S, Lebeau J.
Mol Carcinog Jan 16 ( doi), 10, 2015
Interaction with OGG1 is required for efficient recruitment of XRCC1 to base excision repair and maintenance of genetic stability after exposure to oxidative stress.
Campalans A, Moritz E, Kortulewski T, Biard D, Epe B, Radicella JP.
Mol Cell Biol May (35), 1648-58, 2015
PARP-2 depletion results in lower radiation cell survival but cell line-specific differences in poly(ADP-ribose) levels.
Boudra MT, Bolin C, Chiker S, Fouquin A, Zaremba T, Vaslin L, Biard D, Cordelières FP, Mégnin-Chanet F, Favaudon V, Fernet M, Pennaneach V, Hall J.
Cell Mol Life Sci Apr (72), 1585-97, 2015
Pyrimidine Pool Disequilibrium Induced by a Cytidine Deaminase Deficiency Inhibits PARP-1 Activity, Leading to the Under Replication of DNA.
Gemble S, Ahuja A, Buhagiar-Labarchède G, Onclercq-Delic R, Dairou J, Biard DS, Lambert S, Lopes M, Amor-Guéret M.
PLoS Genet Jul 16 (11), e1005384, 2015
Reversal of mitochondrial defects with CSB-dependent serine protease inhibitors in patient cells of the progeroid Cockayne syndrome.
Chatre L, Biard DS, Sarasin A, Ricchetti M.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Jun 2 (112), E2910-9, 2015
Transmission of scrapie prions to primate after an extended silent incubation period.
Comoy E, Mikol J, Luccantoni-Freire S, Correia E, Lescoutra-Etchegaray N, Durand V, Dehen C, Andreoletti O, Casalone C, Richt JA, Greenlee J, Baron T, Benestad SL, Brown P, Deslys JP.
Sci Rep Jun 30 (30), 11573, 2015
Tame the expression of the genes with DSIR
Biard D, Filhol O, Vandenbrouck Y
Biofutur (360), 52-55, 2014
Sensitive detection of aggregated prion protein via proximity ligation
Hammond M, Wik L, Deslys JP, Comoy E, Linne T, Landegren U, Kamali-Moghaddam M
Prion 8 (3), 261-265, 2014
Interaction with OGG1 is required for efficient recruitment of XRCC1 to base excision repair and maintenance of genetic stability after exposure to oxidative stress
Campalans A, Moritz E, Kortulewski T, Biard D, Epe B, Radicella JP
Mol Cell Biol. Mar (2), , 2015
Detection of exosomal prions in blood by immunochemistry techniques.
Properzi F, Logozzi M, Abdel-Haq H, Venditti M, Federici C, Lugini L, Azzarito T, Cristofaro I, Colone M, Cardone F, Comoy E, Fais S, Pocchiari M
J Gen Virol. (), , 2015
Synthetic scrapie infectivity: interaction between recombinant PrP and scrapie brain-derived RNA.
Simoneau S, Thomzig A, Ruchoux MM, Vignier N, Daus M, Poleggi A, Lebon P, Freire S, Durand V, Graziano S, Galeno R, Cardone F, Comoy E, Pocchiari M, Beekes M, Deslys JP, Fournier JG
Virulence 13 (), 1-13, 2015
The prion protein is critical for DNA repair and cell survival after genotoxic stress.
Bravard A, Auvré F, Fantini D, Bernardino-Sgherri J, Sissoeff L, Daynac M, Xu Z, Etienne O, Dehen C, Comoy E, Boussin F, Tell G, Deslys JP, Radicella P
Nucleic Acids Res 43 (2), 904-16, 2015
Evaluation of the protection of primates transfused with vCJD-infected blood products filtered with prion removal devices: a 5-year update.
Lescoutra-Etchegaray N, Jaffre N, Sumian C, Durand V, Correia E, Mikol J, Luccantoni-Freire S, Culeux A, Deslys JP, Comoy E
Transfusion (), , 2015
Creating conditions for the success of the French industrial advanced therapy sector.
Lirsac PN, Blin O, Magalon J, participants of round table N°5 of Giens XXX:, Angot P, de Barbeyrac E, Bilbault P, Bourg E, Damour O, Faure P, Ferry N, Garbil B, Larghero J, Nguon M, Pattou F, Thumelin S, Yates F
Therapie. 2015 Jan-Feb 70 (1), 83-94, 2015
Blood reference materials from macaques infected with variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease agent.
McDowell KL, Franco Z, Bu M, Nag N, Piccardo P, Cervenak J, Deslys JP, Comoy E, Asher DM, Gregori L
Transfusion 55 (2), 405-12, 2015
Evaluation of the zoonotic potential of transmissible mink encephalopathy
Comoy E, Mikol J, Ruchoux MM, Durand V, Luccantoni-Freire S, Dehen C, Correia E, Casalone C, Richt J, Greenlee J, Torres JM, Brown P, Deslys JP
Pathogens 2 (3), 533-543, 2013
Human induced pluripotent stem cells can reach complete terminal maturation: in vivo and in vitro evidence in the erythropoietic differentiation model.
Kobari L, Yates F, Oudrhiri N, Francina A, Kiger L, Mazurier C, Rouzbeh S, El-Nemer W, Hebert N, Giarratana MC, François S, Chapel A, Lapillonne H, Luton D, Bennaceur-Griscelli A, Douay L
Haematologica 97 (12), 1795-803, 2012
Partial reversal of the methylation pattern of the X-linked gene HUMARA during hematopoietic differentiation of human embryonic stem cells.
Mitjavila-Garcia MT, Bonnet ML, Yates F, Haddad R, Oudrhiri N, Féraud O, Magniez A, Makhlouf M, Vallot C, Rougeulle C, Bennaceur-Griscelli A, Turhan AG.
J Mol Cell Biol 2 (5), 291-8, 2010
Decontamination of prions in a plasma product manufacturing environment
Bellon A, Comoy E, Simoneau S, Mornac S, Dehen C, Perrin A, Arzel A, Arrabal S, Baron H, Laude H, You B, Deslys JP, Flan B
Transfusion 54 (4), 1028-1036, 2014
PARP1-TDP1 coupling for the repair of topoisomerase I-induced DNA damage
Das BB, Huang SYN, Murai J, Rehman I, Ame JC, Sengupta S, Das SK, Majumdar P, Zhang HL, Biard D, Majumder HK, Schreiber V, Pommier Y
Nucleic Acids Res. 42 (7), 4435-4449, 2014
Removal of exogenous prion infectivity in leukoreduced red blood cells unit by a specific filter designed for human transfusion
Lescoutra-Etchegaray N, Sumian C, Culeux A, Durand V, Gurgel PV, Deslys JP, Comoy EE
Transfusion 54 (4), 1037-1045, 2014
Gap-filling and bypass at the replication fork are both active mechanisms for tolerance of low-dose ultraviolet-induced DNA damage in the human genome
Quinet A, Vessoni AT, Rocha CRR, Gottifredi V, Biard D, Sarasin A, Menck CFM, Stary A
DNA Repair 14, 27-38, 2014
Preclinical Detection of Variant CJD and BSE Prions in Blood
Lacroux C, Comoy E, Moudjou M, Perret-Liaudet A, Lugan S, Litaise C, Simmons H, Jas-Duval C, Lantier I, Beringue V, Groschup M, Fichet G, Costes P, Streichenberger N, Lantier F, Deslys JP, Vilette D, Andreoletti O
PLoS Pathog. 10 (6), Open Access, 2014
Patients With Colorectal Tumors With Microsatellite Instability and Large Deletions in HSP110 T-17 Have Improved Response to 5-Fluorouracil-Based Chemotherapy
Collura A, Lagrange A, Svrcek M, Marisa L, Buhard O, Guilloux A, Wanherdrick K, Dorard C, Taieb A, Saget A, Loh M, Soong R, Zeps N, Platell C, Mews A, Iacopetta B, De Thonel A, Seigneuric R, Marcion G, Chapusot C, Lepage C, Bouvier AM, Gaub MP, Milano G, Selves J, Senet P, Delarue P, Arzouk H, Lacoste C, Coquelle A, Bengrine-Lefevre L, Tournigand C, Lefevre JH, Parc Y, Biard DS, Flejou JF, Garrido C, Duval A
Gastroenterology 146 (2), 401-411, 2014
RAD50 phosphorylation promotes ATR downstream signaling and DNA restart following replication stress
Gatei M, Kijas AW, Biard D, Dork T, Lavin MF
Hum. Mol. Genet. 23 (16), 4232-4248, 2014
Involvement of the Artemis Protein in the Relative Biological Efficiency Observed With the 76-MeV Proton Beam Used at the Institut Curie Proton Therapy Center in Orsay
Calugaru V, Nauraye C, Cordelieres FP, Biard D, De Marzi L, Hall J, Favaudon V, Megnin-Chanet F
Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 90 (1), 36-43, 2014
Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of surface prion contamination
McDonnell G, Dehen C, Perrin A, Thomas V, Igel-Egalon A, Burke PA, Deslys JP, Comoy E
J. Hosp. Infect. 85 (4), 268-273, 2013
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