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Publié le 19 octobre 2017

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Comparison Between Several Integrase-defective Lentiviral Vectors Reveals Increased Integration of an HIV Vector Bearing a D167H Mutant
Saeed MQ, Dufour N, Bartholmae C, Sieranska U, Knopf M, Thierry E, Thierry S, Delelis O, Grandchamp N, Pilet H, Ravassard P, Massonneau J, Pflumio F, von Kalle C, Lachapelle F, Bemelmans AP, Schmidt M, Serguera C
Mol. Ther.-Nucl. Acids 3, e2013, 2014
From animal health to Alzheimer's disease treatment
Burlot MA
Biofutur (350), 60-61, 2014
Biotherapies in brain diseases: For who, when and how?
Remy P
Rev. Neurol. 170 (12), 725-726, 2014
Biotherapies for Parkinson disease
Remy P
Rev. Neurol. 170 (12), 763-769, 2014
Gene therapy of the central nervous system: General considerations on viral vectors for gene transfer into the brain
Serguera C, Bemelmans AP
Rev. Neurol. 170 (12), 727-738, 2014
Improvement of preclinical animal models for autoimmune-mediated disorders via reverse translation of failed therapies
't Hart BA, Jagessar SA, Kap YS, Haanstra KG, Philippens IHCHM, Serguera C, Langermans J, Vierboom M
Drug Discov. Today 19 (9), 1394-1401, 2014
Impaired brain energy metabolism in the BACHD mouse model of Huntington's disease: critical role of astrocyte-neuron interactions
Boussicault L, Herard AS, Calingasan N, Petit F, Malgorn C, Merienne N, Jan C, Gaillard MC, Lerchundi R, Barros LF, Escartin C, Delzescaux T, Mariani J, Hantraye P, Beal MF, Brouillet E, Vega C, Bonvento G
J. Cereb. Blood Flow Metab. 34 (9), 1500-1510, 2014
Voxel-based morphometry analyses of in vivo MRI in the aging mouse lemur primate
Sawiak SJ, Picq JL, Dhenain M
Front. Aging Neurosci. 6 (82), Open Access, 2014
Allele-Specific Silencing of Mutant Huntingtin in Rodent Brain and Human Stem Cells
Drouet V, Ruiz M, Zala D, Feyeux M, Auregan G, Cambon K, Troquier L, Carpentier J, Aubert S, Merienne N, Bourgois-Rocha F, Hassig R, Rey M, Dufour N, Saudou F, Perrier AL, Hantraye P, Deglon N
PLoS ONE 9 (6), Open Access, 2014
Ectosomes: A New Mechanism for Non-Exosomal Secretion of Tau Protein
Dujardin S, Begard S, Caillierez R, Lachaud C, Delattre L, Carrier S, Loyens A, Galas MC, Bousset L, Melki R, Auregan G, Hantraye P, Brouillet E, Buee L, Colin M
PLoS ONE 9 (6), Open Access, 2014
Hybrid Lentivirus-phiC31-int-NLS Vector Allows Site-Specific Recombination in Murine and Human Cells but Induces DNA Damage
Grandchamp N, Altemir D, Philippe S, Ursulet S, Pilet H, Serre MC, Lenain A, Serguera C, Mallet J, Sarkis C
PLoS ONE 9 (6), Open Access, 2014
Intracellular metabolites in the primate brain are primarily localized in long fibers rather than in cell bodies, as shown by diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Najac C, Marchadour C, Guillermier M, Houitte D, Slavov V, Brouillet E, Hantraye P, Lebon V, Valette J
NeuroImage 90, 374-380, 2014
Human ESC-Derived Dopamine Neurons Show Similar Preclinical Efficacy and Potency to Fetal Neurons when Grafted in a Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease
Grealish S, Diguet E, Kirkeby A, Mattsson B, Heuer A, Bramoulle Y, Van Camp N, Perrier AL, Hantraye P, Bjorklund A, Parmar M
Cell Stem Cell 15 (5), 653-665, 2014
Crystal structure of mouse mu-crystallin complexed with NADPH and the T3 thyroid hormone
Borel F, Hachi I, Palencia A, Gaillard MC, Ferrer JL
FEBS J. 281 (6), 1598-1612, 2014
The role of microglia in human disease: therapeutic tool or target?
Cartier N, Lewis CA, Zhang R, Rossi FMV
Acta Neuropathol. 128 (3), 363-380, 2014
Imaging and monitoring astrocytes in health and disease
Escartin C, Murai KK
Front. Cell. Neurosci. 8, Open Access, 2014
Nanometric Micelles with Photo-Triggered Cytotoxicity
Anilkumar P, Gravel E, Theodorou I, Gombert K, Theze B, Duconge F, Doris E
Adv. Funct. Mater. 24 (33), 5246-5252, 2014
Analysis of delay-induced basal ganglia oscillations: the role of external excitatory nuclei
Haidar I, Pasillas-Lepine W, Panteley E, Chaillet A, Palfi S, Senova S
Int. J. Control 87 (9), 1936-1956, 2014
Selective disruption of acetylcholine synthesis in subsets of motor neurons: A new model of late-onset motor neuron disease
Lecomte MJ, Bertolus C, Santamaria J, Bauchet AL, Herbin M, Saurini F, Misawa H, Maisonobe T, Pradat PF, Nosten-Bertrand M, Mallet J, Berrard S
Neurobiol. Dis. 65, 102-111, 2014
Long-term safety and tolerability of ProSavin, a lentiviral vector-based gene therapy for Parkinson's disease: a dose escalation, open-label, phase 1/2 trial
Palfi S, Gurruchaga JM, Ralph GS, Lepetit H, Lavisse S, Buttery PC, Watts C, Miskin J, Kelleher M, Deeley S, Iwamuro H, Lefaucheur JP, Thiriez C, Fenelon G, Lucas C, Brugieres P, Gabriel I, Abhay K, Drouot X, Tani N, Kas A, Ghaleh B, Le Corvoisier P, Dolphin P, Breen DP, Mason S, Guzman NV, Mazarakis ND, Radcliffe PA, Harrop R, Kingsman SM, Rascol O, Naylor S, Barker RA, Hantraye P, Remy P, Cesaro P, Mitrophanous KA
Lancet 383 (9923), 1138-1146, 2014
Connexin 30 sets synaptic strength by controlling astroglial synapse invasion
Pannasch U, Freche D, Dallerac G, Ghezali G, Escartin C, Ezan P, Cohen-Salmon M, Benchenane K, Abudara V, Dufour A, Lubke JHR, Deglon N, Knott G, Holcman D, Rouach N
Nat. Neurosci. 17 (4), 549-U104, 2014
Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography of the Rodent Eye: Highlighting Layers of the Outer Retina Using Signal Averaging and Comparison with Histology
Berger A, Cavallero S, Dominguez E, Barbe P, Simonutti M, Sahel JA, Sennlaub F, Raoul W, Paques M, Bemelmans AP
PLoS ONE 9 (5), Open Access, 2014
Possible involvement of self-defense mechanisms in the preferential vulnerability of the striatum in Huntington's disease
Francelle L, Galvan L, Brouillet E
Front. Cell. Neurosci. 8, Open Access, 2014
SET translocation is associated with increase in caspase cleaved amyloid precursor protein in CA1 of Alzheimer and Down syndrome patients
Facchinetti P, Dorard E, Contremoulins V, Gaillard MC, Deglon N, Sazdovitch V, Guihenneuc-Jouyaux C, Brouillet E, Duyckaerts C, Allinquant B
Neurobiol. Aging 35 (5), 958-968, 2014