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Symposium on Environmental and Agronomical Genomics

Du 27/10/2021 au 29/10/2021
Tours (France)

​France Génomique et le GDR Génomique Environnementale ont le plaisir de vous informer de la tenue du Symposium on Environmental and Agronomical Genomics qui se tiendra à Tours du 27 au 29 Octobre 2021

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The Environmental and Agronomical Genomics 2021 symposium is jointly organised by France Génomique (FG) and the GDR Génomique Environnementale (GE). 

The GDR Génomique Environnementale’s mission is to support national research in environmental genomics. Through the GE symposium, the GDR GE promotes exchange on recent high throughput sequencing approaches and innovative developments in bioinformatics among scientists from various fields such as Ecology, Paleogenomics, Evolution, Biodiversity and Ecosystem functioning.

The French national genomics infrastructure France Génomique is a network of the main French sequencing platforms. FG has for mission to facilitate access to cutting edge sequencing and bioinformatic approaches for public and private scientific communities’ and to offer consultation and support for their projects.

The symposium is hosted by the Research Institute on Insect Biology (IRBI UMR 7261 CNRS/University of Tours) involved in genomic of insects and their viruses and metabarcoding applied to ecology.

The Environmental and Agronomical Genomics 2021 symposium will be the opportunity to have an update on most recent environmental genomics research, as well as an overview of high scientific impact projects carried out in collaboration with FG platforms. This year we are also celebrating the 10th anniversary of the GDR GE!


Seven scientific areas will be covered:

  • Technological advances: producing and analyzing genomic data
  • Ancient DNA and paleo-environments
  • Genomics of biological interactions
  • Genomics of domesticated plants and animals and their microbiota
  • Exploring ecosystems using metagenomics
  • Monitoring of ecosystems functioning and health
  • Exploring diversity and evolution of life

For abstract submissions:

Please create an account on Sciencesconf.org. Then use your username and password to login on the symposium home page. Once you are authenticated you will be able to access the “Abstract submissions” page and proceed with abstract submission.


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Please follow this link for details: Registration.


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Date : du 27  au 29 octobre 2021

Lieu : Tours (France)

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