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Unité Translationnelle Immuno-onco Urologique - UTIU

Unité Translationnelle Immuno-onco Urologique - UTIU  
Published on 23 June 2023
Desgrandchamps F.png

​Pr François Desgrandchamps
Head of Service d'Urologie et de Transplantation
Hôpital Saint-Louis
Université de Paris / Université Paris Diderot

Hôpital Saint-Louis
1 avenue Claude Vellefaux
75010 Paris
Phone : +33 (0) 1 42 49 96 21


The activity of this unit focuses on the clinical application of the immune-oncology research in human carried out by the SRHI, especially on the HLA-G molecule, one of the most important check points.
The immunotherapy in bladder cancer is widespread throughout the use of BCG. However, new immunotherapies still dealing with control over tolerance checkpoints emerged in recent years in tumour therapy of kidney and bladder cancers.
This unit has already shown that HLA-G associated parameters have an important role in NMIBC prognosis and can identify those patients with a high likelihood to experience tumor relapse. The HLA-G molecule commonly expressed by tumor cells, allows them to escape immune surveillance. Its expression on tumour cells is directly responsible for the failure of the immune system of the patient to get rid of tumours.
This unit develops innovative translational projects on the host/tumour relationship, therapy, diagnosis and clinical application. The research on the immunological profile of patients has allowed this unit to draw up a new classification of risks in bladder cancer which is currently the subject of a multicenter study in different European countries.

Research themes​
1. Multicenter immunological study of host/tumour relationship in bladder cancer.
2. Immunotherapy in bladder cancer
3. Modulation of anti-tumour immune response in renal cancer.


Pr Christophe HENNEQUIN
Head of the Oncology-radiotherapy department , Saint-Louis hospital

Pr Stéphane CULINE
Head of Medical oncology department, Saint-Louis hospital

De Gouvello A.png
Dr Amaury de GOUVELLO
Clinical research, Saint-Louis hospital
Djaoudou M.png
Clinical research, Hôpital Saint-Louis

Dr. Alexandra Masson-Lecomte
Urological surgery, MD, PhD, Saint-Louis hospital
Vedrine j3.png
Dr. Jérôme VERINE
Saint-Louis hospital

Dr Clément DUMONT
Urology & oncology, Saint-Louis hospital