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Bioinformatics Analyses for Genomics and Metabolism


Published on 13 July 2022
​Collaborative projects are conducted with academic labs involved in various research topics including environmental biology, medical microbiology, biochemistry and synthetic biology. Several service contracts or collaborative projects are also set up with industrial partners in the framework of the MicroScope platform.

Ongoing collaborative research projects include: 

  • the development of an enzyme family resource from metagenomic data (INRAe - MICALIS/TBI/TWB, ALADIN project) and the mining of new enzymes for an amine dehydrogenase activity (CEA - Genomic Metabolic, MODAMDH project)
  • the development of meta-pangenomic approaches to study antibiotic resistance (INRAe - MetaGenoPolis, ABRomics project)
  • the role of magnetotactic bacteria in symbiosis and biomineralization (CNRS/CEA - MEM lab)
  • the analysis of bacteria from the rhizosphere and extreme environments (CNRS/CEA- LEMIRE lab)
  • the study of brown algae-associated bacteria (CNRS/Sorbonne university - Station Biologique de Roscoff, Phaeoexplorer project)