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Development ​ (LD)

Published on 4 May 2022

​​Team leader: Jean-François Deleuze  
E-mail: deleuzeat​

The Development Laboratory (LD) of the CNRGH has two major objectives:  data production and technological development.​

Data production

The Development Laboratory implements DNA and RNA sequencing projects and expression projects (microarray and real-time PCR) for which the number of samples is limited (from a few units to a few hundred units). The projects requiring processing of a large number of samples are assumed by the Production Laboratory.​

The Laboratory has developed expertise in sequencing and genotyping and for the study of gene expression (transcriptomics). The analyses are conducted at whole genome/transcriptome scale or adopt a targeted approach (SNP, gene, transcript). 
The following technologies are available:  whole-genome sequencing (WGS) and whole-exome sequencing (WES) by capture or amplicon sequencing, targeted sequencing 
(of 1 or several genes), SNP studies using TaqMan and Sequenom, and also real-time PCR, digital PCR, DNA chips (microarrays) for the study of expression, and RNAseq 
for the study of various RNA populations (mRNA, lncRNA, miRNA, etc.).

                                      Targeted sequencing​

For targeted sequencing, the Laboratory is equipped with a set of automated technical solutions (Agilent system, Perkin Elmer system, TAP), sequencers (NextSeq500, MiSeq, Proton, PGM, 454) and other instruments (iScan, MxPro, nanodrop, bioanalyzer, etc.).

The Laboratory makes use of the expertise of the DNA/RNA Bank Laboratory of the CNRGH for the extraction, quality control and storage of biological specimens.

The data generated are analyzed in-house in cooperation with the Bioinformatics Laboratory and Quality Control team of the CNRGH.​

Technological development​

The Laboratory is also responsible for testing new DNA and RNA analysis methods and conducts active technological monitoring in liaison with the various players in the sequencing field.

New sequencing approaches, new sequencers and new solutions for WES and targeted capture are tested, as are new protocols oriented toward small quantities and optimizations for degraded starting materials, DNA or RNA.

Projects / Partnerships

The LD works on projects in cooperation with French, European and international partners in various fields:  neurodegeneration, cancer, rare diseases, inflammatory diseases, various human diseases, murine models of human diseases, etc. ​