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Activités du Laboratoire Banque
Published on 16 December 2021

The Bank Laboratory is equipped to extract DNA and RNA from blood, saliva and cell samples and aims to progress very rapidly toward the capacity to extract from all tissue types.

    Lab Biological Resources - Extraction  Extraction instrument

In order to ensure sufficient extraction capacity, the Bank Laboratory is equipped with an Autopure purification instrument ensuring the traceability of samples during the extraction process (bar-code monitoring). The purification instrument employs an enhanced 'salting out' method and is able to process 16 samples in parallel in about 1.5 hours. Over an entire year, the platform enables implementation of up to 20,000 extractions.
​                                                                                     Lab Biological Resources - Extraction

For certain particular types of sample or precious samples, the Bank Laboratory is also able to conduct manual extractions by the classic phenol-chloroform method which ensures very high purity of the samples and excellent long-term storage stability.

Sample bar-code scanning
to ensure traceability