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Quality control of DNA samples: quantification, normalization and qualitative verifications

Activités du Laboratoire Banque
Published on 16 December 2021
Contrôle qualité des échantillons d'ADN: quantification, normalisation et vérifications qualitatives

Since DNA is the raw material for the research projects, its quality is of primary importance and conditions the success of the studies undertaken. Before genotyping or sequencing a DNA sample, its quality is systematically evaluated.​

Lab Biological Resources - QC
Verification of DNA sample volumes 





The samples are systematically subjected to fluorescence assay and application on gel in order to verify the integrity of the DNA fragments. PCR amplification is also conducted in order to detect any trace of potential inhibitors. Several tens of thousands of samples are thus evaluated each year and the evaluations are systematically documented in a report forwarded to collaborators.

Lab Biological Resources - QC  DNA sample application to gel for integrity verification


Before transfer to the production teams, the samples are normalized in order to enable sample processing in a high-throughput format.