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Publié le 18 octobre 2017
Control of alternative end joining by the chromatin remodeler p400 ATPase
Taty-Taty GC, Chailleux C, Quaranta M, So A, Guirouilh-Barbat J, Lopez BS, Bertrand P, Trouche D, Canitrot Y
Impact of the MRN complex on Adeno-Associated Virus integration and replication during co-infection with Herpes Simplex Virus type 1
Millet R, Jolinon N, Nguyen XN, Berger G, Cimarelli A, Greco A, Bertrand P, Odenthal M, Büning H, Salvetti A
Specific uptake and genotoxicity induced by polystyrene nanobeads with distinct surface chemistry on human lung epithelial cells and macrophages
Paget V, Dekali S, Kortulewski T, Grall R, Gamez C, Blazy K, Aguerre-Chariol O, Chevillard S, Braun A, Rat P, Lacroix G.
A nonsense mutation in the DNA factor Hebo causes mild bone failure and microcephaly
Zhang S, Pondarre C, Pennarun G, Labussière-Wallet H, Vera G, France B, Chansel M, Rouvet, I, Revy P, Lopez B, Soulier J, Bertrand P, Callebaut I and de Villartay JP
Is homologous recombination really an error-free process?
Guirouilh-Barbat J, Lambert S, Bertrand P, Lopez BS
Is non-homologous end-joining really an inherently error-prone process?
Bétermier M, Bertrand P, Lopez BS.
A Role for BLM in Double-Strand Break Repair Pathway Choice  Prevention of CtIP/Mre11-Mediated Alternative Nonhomologous End-Joining
Grabarz A, Guirouilh-Barbat J, Barascu A, Pennarun G, Genet D, Rass E, Germann SM, Bertrand P, Hickson ID, Lopez BS
Oxydative stress alters nuclear shape through lamins dysregulation A route to senescence
Barascu A, Le Chalony C, Pennarun G, Genet D, Zaarour N, Bertrand P
The nucleoporin 153, a novel factor in double-strand break repair and DNA damage response
Lemaitre C, Fischer B, Kalousi A, Hoffbeck AS, Guirouilh-Barbat J, Shahar OD, Genet D, Goldberg M, Bertrand P, Lopez B, Brino L, Soutoglou E
Terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase requires KU80 and XRCC4 to promote N-addition at non-V(D)J chromosomal breaks in non-lymphoid cells
Boubakour-Azzouz I, Bertrand P, Claes A, Lopez BS, Rougeon F
Accumulation of cyclophilin A isoforms in conditioned medium of irradiated breast cancer cells
Chevalier F, Depagne J, Hem S, Chevillard S, Bensimon J, Bertrand P, Lebeau J
Role of Mre11 in chromosomal nonhomologous end joining in mammalian cells
Rass E, Grabarz A, Plo I, Gautier J, Bertrand P*, Lopez BS*
Identification of factors involved in neurogenesis recovery  after irradiation of the adult mouse subventricular zone  a preliminary study
Chevalier F, Chicheportiche A, Daynac M, Depagne J, Bertrand P, Boussin FD, Mouthon MA
Double Strand Break Repair, one mechanism can hide another  Alternative non-homologous end joining
Rass E, Grabarz A, Bertrand P*, Lopez BS*
Oxidative stress induces an ATM-independent senescence pathway through p38 MAPK-mediated lamin B1 accumulation
Barascu A, Le Chalony C, Pennarun G, Genet D, Imam N, Lopez B, Bertrand P
Down-regulation of BRCA1 expression by miR-146a and miR-146b-5p in triple negative sporadic breast cancers
Garcia A I, Buisson M, Bertrand P, Rimokh R, Rouleau E, Lopez B S, Lidereau R, Mikaelian I, Mazoyer S
Bcl-2 Inhibits Nuclear Homologous Recombination by Localizing BRCA1 to the Endomembranes
Laulier C, Barascu A, Guirouilh-Barbat J, Pennarun G, Le Chalony C, Chevalier F, Palierne G, Bertrand P, Verbavatz J M, Lopez B S
MutS Homologue 2 and the Long-term Benefit of Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Lung Cancer
Kamal N S, Soria J C, Mendiboure J, Planchard D, Olaussen K A, Rousseau V, Popper H, Pirker R, Bertrand P, Dunant A, Le Chevalier T, Filipits M, Fouret P, Int Adjuvant Lung Trial-Bio
Defects in XRCC4 and KU80 differentially affect the joining of distal nonhomologous ends
Guirouilh-Barbat J, Rass E, Plo I, Bertrand P, Lopez BS
Chronic exposure to sublethal doses of radiation mimetic Zeocin (TM) selects for clones deficient in homologous recombination
Delacote F, Deriano L, Lambert S, Bertrand P, Saintigny Y, Lopez BS

​* Corresponding author​